820ml Butter Cup
820ml Butter Cup
  • Product features:
    Our box type packaging means your unused products can be sealed and stored conveniently. Most products of this packaging type come equipped with sealing devices to keep the contents air tight. This makes the packaging suitable to store various different types of food items, such as dry fruits, snacks and sauces.
  • Specifications:
    Packaging Types: food packaging containers 
    Applicable items: Biscuits, chocolate, candy, popcorn, nuts, meat, soup etc.
Specifications of 820ml butter cup
サイズ 重量 壁の厚さ 原料 MOQ
H:130 mm UP OD:103 mm Down OD:85mm 20.55g 1.16 mm PP 50,000 pcs


我社では「インモールドラベル貼付製品」、「プラスチック ナイフ・フォーク・スプーン製品」、「プラスチック薄肉容器」も提供しています。